UI/UX Sprints

Practice projects to hone and grow research, design, and prototyping skills.

2019 - Ongoing | UI/UX/Product Design


Interface design
User flow mapping
Product design

In my master's program, I do a lot of reading, writing, and critiquing of design, social, and feminist theorists. After taking a step back from product design to pursue more experience/service design and research, I've reignited a flame for interfaces (my original foray into design), and I've decided to tackle small sprints to practice and improve my technical skills.

Project 1: Messaging App

Chatbot design for a messenger app.

I pulled this brief for a mobile app from Briefbox, as a way to ease myself back into interface design. I had a few questions about it, and ended up making assumptions. The "chatbot" feature wasn't elaborated upon, and the prompt simply mentioned messaging friends along with discovering like-minded communities. Thus, I scrapped the "chatbot" idea and focused on just a messaging app.

I started off with brief market research: what do common chat apps look like? What features do they have? What about about apps with Discover pages? What do I want my app to look like?

This prompt was very much a UI prompt, but it didn't seem right to not consider logic and use cases. My ethos for product design is to prioritize functionality, not just aesthetics. Thus, I also created a basic user flow map, highlighting actions and what is on the screen.

By this point, I had already deviated from the prompt quite a bit. It had only asked for:

  • 1 x Landing / Sign up layout
  • 1 x User / Dashboard layout
  • 1 x layout of both views in a 800 x 600px beautifully presented shot

In an ideal world, I would have also created all the pages/fully fleshed out all the features specified in my map. But due to wanting to make this an actual sprint (short and fast), I chose to prototype in Origami Studio instead.


I'm aiming to complete at least another one or two projects in my free time; this will be an ongoing project until specified.