Past works - a collection of everything else

In my free time, I like to dabble with a variety of mediums. Here is a collection of past works from both my personal collection, as well as some small snippets of projects that didn't make the cut.


As well as dabbling into the digital realm, sometimes I like to get my hands dirty with some drawing/handlettering, and photography, and small & personal graphic design projects.

  • Photography and layout & print design of a company photobook.
  • Some handlettering/brush lettering.
  • Christmas cards, 2015.


At one point, I was part of the Nspire team and worked on branding one of their hackathon iniatives - NHacks. After that, I was part of Hack the North for two years, working as their communications & print design lead.

UI Work

These are small snippets of UI work from smaller projects.

  • Iterations on a data portal.
  • Small explorations of redesigned applications.

Data Visualization

While I like design, my roots are first and foremost in engineering and math; I love data and quantifying things. I've played with some data exploration in the past, such as a D3.js visualization to map out migration patterns, a data exploration tool, and a simple car sales graph.