Data Visualization, In-progress

Tracking 2018 - An ongoing look at a year in numbers and stats

This project is currently in-progress. But being the ridiculous nerd that I am, I wanted to start chipping away at the data that I will be collecting over the course of a year. For 2018, I will be collecting and tracking my own habits and creating and analyzing my own data. Each month (theme to be determined) will be focused on a different thing, and I will be updating this project as I work away at it.

January - Caffeinated Beverages

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I was never a regular caffeine consumer till the end of 2017, so I wanted to see if I would continue my newfound habit.

February - Food Type

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I tracked my food intake and applied clustering and a basic regression model to analyze trends in the quality of my diet.

March - Outfits

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I took daily outfit photos to analyze my clothing choices based on article of clothing, colour, and brand.

April - In-person interactions

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I documented who I spoke to every day to analyze my social circles, as well as how many strangers I interacted with regularly.

May - Locations

Analysis in progress.

June - Instant Messages

Analysis in progress.

July - Sleeping Habits

Data is currently being collected!

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