Tracking 2018 (January) - Caffeinated Beverages

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To kickstart my foray into this project, I decided to document my newfound crippling dependence on caffeine. It's not much to be honest—I simply picked up the habit of a daily coffee or milk tea during my term in Singapore in late 2017. But I soon came to enjoy the taste (the caffeine doesn't do much unless it's a hot chocolate sugar boost in the middle of the day) and wanted to see how regularly I drink coffees/teas/hot chocolates.

Prior to Singapore, I didn't drink any coffee and I only relied on an occasional hot chocolate to satisfy sweet tooth cravings.

This is a numerical breakdown of the number of drinks I drank this month, as well as a percentage breakdown of the specific types.

The blocks are proportional to each other, meaning I drank double the amount of coffee as hot chocolate.

My coffee intake started to spike and pick up around Tuesday, January 16, because I brought in a Tassimo from home. According to my stats, 50% of my total monthly intake was from home-brewed Tassimo coffee, meaning that most of my consumption was in the second half of the month. This also made sense seeing as I had a heavier workload and some competitions to prepare for at the end of January as well.

Surprisingly, I drank very little milk tea. Or rather, I drank much less boba/bubble tea than I expected. I used to really enjoy it and drank it regularly (read at least 2 times a week) in my earlier years. However, the lack of intake could also be attributed to the sheer convenience of a coffee maker at home.

Lastly, as I started to pick up on my coffee intake, my hot chocolate consumption dropped. This is because I tend to use coffee to energize in the morning and hot chocolate to power up in the afternoon; if I don't have a pick-me-up in the morning, I need one later. This was a neat correlation I realized while recording my drinks this month.

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