Tracking 2018 (April) - In-person conversations

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In April, I documented the people I spoke to. My cue for this month was based on verbal communication after speaking to a friend, and him suggesting that I focus on something that "speaks about how I interact with others". Seeing as my first three months were solely about my personal habits (plus I'm a fairly introverted individual), I thought it would be interesting to look at the people I interacted with on a daily basis.

I took note of the types of people I interacted with, such as the more obvious family & friends categories, but also the strangers I talked to. I could've kept a small conversation going or simply said a thank you to a service industry person, but I included all the strangers I spoke a word to. I was actually the most excited about this part of my analysis.

On average, I spoke to 2 family members, 2 close friends, 2 friends, 1 acquaintance, and 7 strangers.

In April, I was finishing up final exams at university, which explains the generous smattering of cyan, yellow, and pastel yellow during the first half of the month—I was surrounded by a number of friends and professors, and people I was quasi-familiar with. When I interacted with family members, red would typically dominate my interactions for the day because I spent most of my time with them when I went home.

On April 18, I talked to "close friends" only. I actually only talked to one of my best friends that day. I was a bit curious to see if I could go a day without talking to anyone, but I'm not upset that it didn't go down that way.

While the first graphic broke down the types of relationships I have with those I interacted with, this bar graph shows the number of people I spoke to on a daily basis. The width of the coloured bars in the first graphic are proportionate to the number of unique folks that day.

I was curious; which one of my close friends do I talk to the most?

The answer is Person A (Farquaad), closely followed by Person F (Halal Cheese). These are just nicknames based off of inside jokes with each person. This radar graph is also not representative of my preferences; I value all of these people in their own ways.

In some ways, I was a bit surprised at the outcome of this graph. I actually expected to talk to Person D (Doggo) a bit more, but I suppose our interactions were more text-based than I thought (not applicable to this month's theme).

All in all, I really liked the theme for this month. If given more time, I would have liked to experiment with different types of visualizations and analyses. But it was new for me to track something that wasn't wholly mine and it essentially forced me to be more aware of my environment.

I had never given much thought about how I interacted with the people around me. For example, I barely talked to Person E (Noopnoop) during this month, despite him being one of my close friends. How easy is it for me to forget to keep in touch with the people who mean something to me? And how easy is it to not acknowledge or realize how many times you come in contact with strangers, per day?



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